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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-05-01

Thursday May 1st
Gorgeous 65 degree day. Sunny. Bill and Erma out a.m. and Dave & Virginia Weary, Mary Jordan, Marilee and Gladys out p.m. First outing for Marylee. Served them cake, Pecan coffee cake and trail mix. Gladys can’t taste or smell.
Cleaned off steps leading to river and around pool. Cleaned around Forsythia clumps where flood debris accumulated. Washed some of the 1910 clothes that Ruth Sloan gave Historical Society. Don’t look white, but washed beautifully.
To Quest Club- Guest Day. May baskets big hit. Sat with Dale and Lenore Hughes.
Called Kathi and Dave would be very disappointed if he didn’t go to Don’s so we will let the plans stand
Terry called just as I was leaving for Quest Club. In trying to avoid a stupid driver he hit a car. Not too much damage I gather.