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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-05-02

Friday May 2nd
Paid $75 to driver of car that Terry hit yesterday.
Conference with Brenda rich on accounting. Lost $10,000 in March! Mostly because of three paydays and $24,000 in accounts payable.
Took mother’s rent money to her in $5 and $1 so she can pay Veva each night. Found she had 4 CDs that were at 6.75& so took them to Home Federal to change to two-and-a-half-year at 10.4%. In April it was 12+%! Stopped at Stout’s office for eviction notice on Willard and Theresa McCoy. After 3 days can start legal action. Served it on Theresa just as she was leaving.
Picked up debris from along road and more flood debris. Howard mowed where I had asked sparing the spring beauties, violets and trout lilies.
Mary called from Moab, Utah while I was taking bath. Will be home next Friday.