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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-30

Wednesday April 30th secretaries week up $400 over last year. Did the letter help?
Don Decker called asking me to pay Dave and Kris’s airfare from Columbus to Reno after he pays fare for them to come to Boston. The plan was that he would pay all of the fare when he asked the kids to visit him. It would cost me $400 to oblige! Told Kass about David’s plan to commute and manage Hemmerly’s. She was aghast that Karen wouldn’t move to Marion if David took the job.
To Mary Jordans for dinner as Marilee is still convalescing there from a stroke. Good sausage pilaf and rhubarb.
Margaret Barnhart and Isabel Stump came to Terradise to pick violets for Quest Club favors tomorrow night. Ellen Nesbitt, Laura and I made 7 baskets for centerpieces of Terradise Forsythia and daffodils.
Called Kathy at 11 told her of Don’s request. Sky blue from Oklahoma City to Boston said Kristi doesn’t want to go. Told her of David’s plan- Including airplane- she said that’s impossible- too costly. I agree. David called to tell me Kass had called and wanted to talk to her[?sic] and Karen. Kathy called back at 12:15 with Don’s number at Wright-Patt.