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Trella Hemmerly – 1981-03-30

Monday, March 30, 1981
President Reagan shot by Hinkley as he left hotel in Washington. Bullet lodged in lungs. He will be OK but press Secy Brady took head shot (like Steve sands) 2 others shote – also close range.

Historical Society meeting at Tri-Rivers. Good turnout – about 100. Priscilla Hewetson – history of music in America – Yankee Doodle – used for parodies in all eras. Peg Rinker’s social committee fantastic array of cookies.

Supper with Jordans & Hecker at Turoffs – Lunch with Mother.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1981-03-26

Thursday, March 26, 1981
Haldeman’s took me to airport early – TWA in new part. Found my ticket was for yesterday! But still got window seats. Thro Chicago – cloudy most of way. First thing I saw out terminal window was my car with Karen & kids. Traffice jam back to Cinci – Semi jackknifed.

David showed his slides & movies of trip. Fantastic – he has a good eye – & Kodak Developing.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1981-03-24

Tuesday, March 24, 1981
Jackeye & WIlda dropped me at Walt’s about 11 after drive up Pinal Pioneer Pkway – so much dead cacti. Found it was because areas burned.

All the neighbors came over for a beer (and maybe curious as to Walt’s ex-wife?)

Visited Hinegardners at their Rock Shop. 82 noew and still traveling. Have joined to “Century Club” – as they have visited 113 countries! Then to Goe & Char’s – she does china painting.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1981-03-23

Monday, March 23, 1981
Wilda, Jackeye & I left ranch at 4:37 in Cadillac. At Garvers – Rincon Dr. Greev Valley by 9. WIlda & Jackeye on to Nogales to look for benches. Don, Don Flack & I to Madera Canyon hgome of Mrs. Newcomer to see birds – and we did – she has 20 or so feeders up. Lifew new for me were broad bellied & blanck chinned hummingbirds, Acorn & Arizona woodpecker, Mexican Juanao & Jay. Lunch at Santa Rita Lodge – we had “Birdwatcher Special”. Jackeye & Wilda picke me up at Garvers at 3. TO Tuscon – Found Kent’s building project. Quite impresse office area – landscaped. Motels all full finally got a room at the Ambassador. Don’t – Dinner at Maria Calledars. Spinach Quiche far too large but good. Callled David to tell him to pick me up Thursday.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1981-03-22

Sunday, March 22, 1981
Ranch Temp 70 Sunny
Lazy day. Baco, waffles & orange juice from oranges just picked – Lunch on patio in sun with Wilda & Jackeye. Took walk along ranch trails for 1 hr AM & 1 hr PM. At dusk Ray took me in the golf cart to see the horned owl. T-Bone steacks for dinner from Ranch beef. Tener! Juicy! Delicious. Over to Wilda’s to say good-by to Bill & Wilda & had made 3 layer dessert. Oh my poor pounds.

Watche “Patton” with Chuck family. Packed & bed at 11 – Finished “The Golden Days of San Simeon.” Sleep 12.