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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-22

Saturday March 22nd
Found that limousine only leaves from Disneyland Hotel not from Santa Ana so this meant I had to pack up and be ready to take things to Helen’s when we went to pick her up to go to Tim’s jog-a-thon for Little League baseball. Packed up to TV box Helen gave me with Hadley’s purchases and attache case and sealed and tied it. Left Allen’s about 11:30. Changed cars at Helen’s and was at Nicholas School West Fullerton by 12:30. Jog-a-thon started at 1:10 with about two hundred kids and some parents running the 330 yard course. Mike and Donna were checkers and Tim ended up with 23 laps. Over four miles and earned over $300 for the league. Kris in her peach exercise suit and long blond hair tied into loose hanks. She ran 14 laps. To Mike and Donna’s at 2521 Crown Way for iced tea and cookies. They have a backyard that is all pool and have built a rec room for pool table, pinball, etc. Then to Helen’s for dinner of lasagna, salad, dinner. Said goodbye to Ruth and Allen, as they left for home. They called saying one box of slides had arrived in the afternoon mail & card from mother. Helen & I watched “Love Boat” and set alarm for 4:45 a.m. Try to think of it as 7:45 a.m.