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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-21

Friday March 21st
Woke at 10:15 when Ruth tapped at my door! Helen over at 11 and we set off for the coast and Roger’s Gardens. Lunch at Marie Callender’s on the way. My spinach quiche lorraine was excellent. Down MacArthur to San Joaquin Hills Drive and turn right instead of left so we drove through the Fashion Island.. Would have loved to shop there. Other beautifully landscaped buildings were banks, insurance companies, etc, all with a view of the Pacific. Back to Rogers and it is unbelievable. The nursery stock sells itself in such a gorgeous setting. Bought Irish and Scotch Moss for Dish Gardens and a book on Hanging Gardens. Then a beautiful drive down the Coast Highway through Laguna Beach. Not an ugly building in the whole town. To San Juan Capistrano where the swallows returned two days ago. While having a taco it at a drive-in saw three soaring by, but of the mission saw only the top of one building. Back via San Diego and Santa Ama freeways and got into jams near Santa Ana. Allen and I took documents to Xerox place for $0.05 copies and get a new typewriter ribbon. Mary called. Mother home and doing well. BBB out of intensive care. Showed slides & into bed at 9:30.