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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-23

Sunday March 23rd
Up at 4:45 at Helens- after juice and coffee she took me to Disneyland Hotel for bus to LA airport. Arrived 6:30. Wrote letters while waiting to Wilda, Jackye and Ruth. Boarding TWA Flight 22 to Columbus in Lockheed 1011 wide plane. Smog almost obscuring mountains. Plane full. Scheduled 8:15 a.m. departure at 8:35- 11:35 Eastern Standard Time. Swing over ocean and back east- 11:40 snow on mountain tops 11:43 Lake Arrowhead flew north of Mount Jacinto and gorgeous lakes in high valleys. Desert east of mountains. 11:55 Mojave desert is a desert. 12:00 Crossing Colorado River- Lake Havasu- Havasu City in middle of nothing. No wonder they need London Bridge to draw people. 12:05 Alamo Lake that we jolted into for a picnic two years ago. 12:08 Bagdad with copper mine lake showing green. Mountains sprinkled snow. 12:12 north of Wickenburg 12:15 Oak Creek Canyon 12:18 Mormon Lake and Lake Mary. 12:22 clouds moving in. 12:23 breakfast omelette, sausage, potato cake, juice, raisin muffin, coffee finished 12:45. Clouds over snowy mountains. 2:00 clouds since breakfast 2:19 descent into Indianapolis (actually 2:40). Reading about Libertarian Party convention in TWA Ambassador Magazine. See why David supports it. 2:25 going down from 37,000 feet through mists. 2:30 circling Indianapolis- on ground 2:38. 2:50 correct time. Changed watch. Off into terminal and back on at 3:30. Take off 3:49- 4:17 on ground in Columbus. Mary, Kenny, Mary and Carl Jordan and mother came in my station wagon to pick me up. We stopped at the Forum for dinner and I got home about 7:00 Howard in bed. Watched “Doctor Zhivago” on TV and bed after news at 11.