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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-20

Thursday March 20th
Typed all morning on Columbus Hildreth genealogy. All completely wrong info as far as we can determine. Aunt Bashabee told him the stories and we think she confused Hildreth ancestors with Benoni Hurlbut. In p.m. while Allen napped I copied 75 pictures from albums. Ran out of film so took Aunt Ruth to Horner’s Plaza and got film and groceries. Allen made me a tape of Ted Bones records and World War I & 1920s records. Helen came for supper- split pea soup and chicken from last night. Trays of Hadley goodies for all of them and took one to Don and Mary Ann in Huntington Harbor. Down Bristol to Edinger and left into a townhouse area with canals for boat tie ups. Her plants luxurious every place in a luxurious home. Three stories all open. Served tray of vegetables including Jamaka with dip. Mary Ann has lost 50 lb and is a beautiful girl. Chris is 14 and he is helping Don turn their garage into a game room. Elizabeth came in with boyfriend Ron. She will be 16 in May beautiful girl. Don says he might come to Ohio to visit me. The rest just laughed at him and said what would he do in Ohio? I told him we could find plenty to do! I drove Uncle Allen’s car 12 miles 25 minutes traffic lights all the way. You couldn’t bribe me to put up with this urban sprawl.