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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-16

Tuesday November 15th temperature 45 windy and cold
Made bean salad. Scott finished walls and primed them really looks like a room! E-mail from Kathi saying Dave & Johanna will be renting a car so called Johanna at work to verify. Wrote to Sifritts and Marcella Fetter James. Signed TC and HC sheets Jack wanted and mailed. Got a lovely resolution from Marion County Park Commission commending me for a gift of $10,000. To Kass and Pete’s to see fancy shade. But not for me at $400. Looked at light fixtures at Lowe’s. Grocery shopped at Kroger’s, gas at [sic] . To Heritage Hall at 6:00- Had six proxies all for renewing contract final vote was 13 for, 4 against. Vote for $1,250 raise was 3 to 7 for. Tried for $2,500 but drew back.