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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-10

Wednesday November 10th 65° Windy
Scott and Freddy worked until noon putting on another coat of mud in new room. Took jackets and coat to Peerless to be cleaned and left an ad at Marion Star to sell AC, TV and salvaged doors. Took 20 copies proxy and James contract to Virginia Howard to mail to board. Picked Mary up and was at River Valley High School by 10 for their Veterans Day Celebration. This year focusing on women in the service and on the home front. We each talked to a class of about 20. Mary showed her wack photo album to her class. To Bordeaux and picked up boards for shelves in garage. [Diagram of AC pipes.] Ralph Hedges here painting garage to match siding. Don Keil came and dug cannas, clean the spouting, cut perennial foliage and scattered prairie plants across road. Nice note from Warren Harding thanking me for tour Saturday.