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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-09

Tuesday November 9th 76 degrees and sunny warm
Scott and crew didn’t work here today. Unloaded VCR tape from cabinets and re-thought closet use. Worked in garage shelves and got room to get car in. Mulched leaves and driveway. To Heritage hall at 4 p.m. for meeting of personnel committee. Eula and Margaret brought Dan Bush and Don Ryan in to bolster their anti-Jane agenda. Anna went on for 15 minutes. No communication. Then said wastes time talking to people. I reminded them if Jane leaves they’ll need someone to do the accounting, newsletters, membership records, news releases that Jane now does that I did formerly. But finally had a motion to renew her contract but with no raise and it passed! Richard Carey, Virginia Howard really put down M&E and A’s arguments. I and Mary Hecker had dinner at Bob Evans. Ralph Hedges and wife out to evaluate paint job I have. Garage door area. Living room. And new TV room. He suggested textured ceiling.