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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-02

Tuesday November 2nd
Voisard man came and left. finally at 11 a.m. called Steve. They had to go to Columbus to get a part. While I hand picked up patio door delivered yesterday it opened on wrong side!. Crew installed insulation and started with wall board installation. Found a pile of Kathi’s 25-cent books. At 1 to La Salon of Styling for permanent. Had left my window open after all the excitement yesterday and the car was out because of yard sale stuff in garage. So seat was soaked and I got soaked even with two towels under me. Marsha supplied me with a pair of posts[?] and towels inside my clothes. Canceled going to Exec committee meeting. Shopped at Meijer gas was turned on gas at 4:45. Don McCoy was on them all day about service. Call on answering machine from David saying Eleanor Hinklin died last night of a heart attack. He and Karen will be up Thursday night for calling hours and stay over for funeral and Saturday for Warren Harding visit. I will have to cancel plans to go to OAHSM annual meeting Friday.