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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-11-01

Monday November 1st – 75 degrees cloudy.
What a day! Still not quite recovered at 9 p.m. Landscapers from Whetstone Gardens arrived about 8:30 and tore out old timbers (not necessary) and laid new ones. Drove an iron pin through one right in front of gas meter and ruptured the gas line. Came to the door and told me to call gas company and then get out of the house. So I did grabbing Chessie and my two digital cameras. Got in car and drove across road as gas fumes were everywhere. All works stopped by Scott and crew. Three fire trucks from Caledonia showed up along with 2 Columbia Gas trucks and Virgil from Hemmerly’s delivering a birthday basket of goodies. Then the Wolohan truck pulled up with another load of materials but he had to wait in the lower driveway. I videotaped! Finally got the gas shut off by 11 a.m. but still couldn’t go in the house. Scott went in and opened windows. When I came back I put Chessie in greenhouse to avoid confusion. Scott and crew left about 3 so did Whetstone Garden people after they dug down to pipe. Plumber from Voisard didn’t show up until after 4 and can’t fix the leak until tomorrow. Steve (manager) called and apologized for delay. Mary H took Mary J to Delaware to visit Neva.
While I was banned from house I worked at cleaning out the shed. Suggested to 2 Fred Crists that they start a salvage company. I’ve had enough excitement to last to the 21st century and I mean 2001! Emailed Kathi and David. Kathi described it a three-ring circus. Called Sue Speakman (National City agency fund) and requested $5,000 to pay premium on MCHS benefit policy.