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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-10-02

Saturday October 2nd
To Nicholls Furniture to check out entertainment centers- none suitable but found a Lane recliner in green and a lamp with table. Will hold until remodeling is finished. To HH- RC girl in from Powell researching Hecker and Haust? She bought a DBY. I copied Salt Rock and Grand township. Two copies. Took Wendy’s Bacon Hamburger, salad and frosty to Mary’s. Shopped at Aldi’s. Watched “Philadelphia Story” on TV- Katharine Hepburn, Gary Grant and Jimmy Stewart when they were young. Call from David won’t be up as he’s trying to get his house painted all by himself- what did his two boys do all summer?
Call from Kathi- She and Bob flew over to San Diego today to visit Dave and Johanna. She has bronchitis and her lens implant left her not seeing well