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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-10-01

Friday October 1st
To NuSupply and paid $350 down on 633 Bordeaux carpet. To Palace and checked out leg room in balcony. Okay so got two tickets for Irish dance program October 14th. To HH- Mary Jo Baker in and Jan and Rosemary Boblenz running Huber newsletter.Alice Galloway in researching Elizabeth Ruehrmund (first of two graduates of Marion High School) for cemetery tour. Took Eleanor Hawkins jacket to her. To Kensel Clutter’s to pick up 1846 tax maps so I can copy them. Scott Crider (a Carroll Neidhart clone) out for information to plan a color scheme for Terradise. Took digital camera shots and printed out for him. Card from Norman Anderson (Raleigh North Carolina) and classmate Jeanette Evans (Sacramento California) who saw me on C-Span.