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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-02-01

Feb 1, 1999

Tried to use Foxbase on new computer but no “instruction page” only . prompt sent an e-mail to David! To HH at 1:00- Jane was running the newsletter on office copier upstairs- more her bailiwick I guess Mary H and John and Margaret Cottrell came in to fold and I labeled and we finished by 2:30- Jane took to PO- I forgot to tell her the fold should be at the bottom.

Kensel Clutter came in at 3:00 with his 54 x 54 prairie map of Sandusky Plains- interesting that it is all south of Sandusky River- fantastic piece of study and work to create- Wants to give to MCHS! We will bring to Exec Committee tomorrow- Willis Thomas of Floyd Browne Associates will work with him in creating Master copy and a CD and printing copies.

I took Jane’s lunch in to her since she didn’t take time to go out. Home by 5:30- TV including “Antiques Roadshow” in Los Angeles.
Glen Abel called while I was at Heritage Hall- He also wrote a review of Anthony’s book- Much better than mine- Will be on Barnes and Noble website.