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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-31

Sunday January 31st
Baked a spice cake and made vegetable casserole. David and family arrived at 11:45 and Sarah and David arrived at 12:45. David put Foxbase on Micron computer and Jed fixed it so it never boots to A: first and that fixes the virus. Also installed SimCity 3000 a game that lets you create a city- Mary came while we were eating. David brought pork barbecue and buns everyone cleaned up their plates. I showed Susannah a Nancy Drew book I thought she might like she said “It’s so long” -so sad to have everything so hard to do. She lives in a world where everything frustrates her.

We all took a walk in the woods. David picked up a big trash bag full of cans etc along the road. Had cake about 4 and I gave David the watch I got as a Discover Card bonus- they left about 5 and went to Mary’s to install crossword puzzle software on her computer.

e-mail from Kristy- Tony got home last night almost a month ahead of planned return from Saudi Arabia
e-mail from Dave from aircraft carrier Carl Vinson his shore assignment will be teaching I think he was pleased also says he plans to pay back all $10,000 of my loan with his PAC money.