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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-19

Tuesday January 19th
Got my micron computer hooked up, but moved printer to old computer temporarily. Added letter numbers to the LC book and printed out 90 pages

checked Marion bank and Dave’s first check has come in for $3,000 so we can both relax sent him an email.
To program committee meeting to plan 30th anniversary weekend with Madge [Cooper] and Jane [Rupp].
Then board meeting new trustee Don Alspach and Louie Conkle there.

wonder what they thought of Richard carries presiding I spoke against putting elevator project on hold so vote was to put it on hold for a month. Why does Eula have to take the opposite side on anything I propose when we have $90,000 for the elevator why hold it out to buy the YMCA that may be available in four or five years and hot and wouldn’t be suitable.
Clinton on TV giving away “surplus”
Couldn’t bear to watch the liar- under impeachment and bragging about his “state-of-the-nation”!