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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-18

Monday January 18th

Spent most of day adding 1883 Marion county history info on 96th OVI to Lucius Carhart letters at appropriate places.

Birds notably fewer and skinnier )they really puff up when it’s cold)

Took computer to Pete Lakaris and waited while he debugged it. Need a Windows 98 boot disk and then a McAfee monkey virus disc (can download latter through internet.)

To gateway smorgasbord for Huber association meeting – (I miss Willis Nye at these meetings – ate with Donna and Dick Lawrence and Dick shared his great-grandfather’s civil war career (Teamster) – No progress, and it is pitiful to see Stan Wink chair a meeting but he deserves the presidency for all he does with his hands. – Don Keil didn’t shovel out a path to mailbox but was waiting for me to call him to help me.

Laverne Lash died of cancer and was buried this morning.

A whole new group of trustees- seem to be mostly steam & gas engine people that I don’t know!- William Kay Davis Trust gave EHMA $5,000 at year-end and have over $2,000 in checking account.