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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-05

January 5th Tuesday – 7 degrees sunny
Opened new bag of oil sunflower and fed birds and that scared away the hawk perched across the road (Coopers?) – e-mails from David and Kathi – Couldn’t get motivated but did make out my agenda for Ex committee – stopped at Margaret Ann’s and she brought out to my car the bird CD for me – then I got stuck backing out – shoveled snow from under wheels until a nice boy stopped and helped & Jack Telfer also came out & with their push I got out – Wondered why Jack was also headed for Exec committee meeting soon found out!
Transformation committee met December 17th and on learning third floor was a $600,000 project (including removing the roof!) they recommend dropping project (Hurrah – that was my thinking from the beginning!) – The next recommendation was to put elevator project on hold even though we have $90,000 to do it and reserve that money toward purchasing the YMCA building (possible 400,000) I objected saying money was given for elevator! Upset me terribly and I went into a chill –
Pete Laskaris brought my computer out to car – I’ve spent evening trying to warm up and get over shock of putting off elevator.