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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-01-04

Wrote Dave a letter and retrieved e-mail on old computer. Kathi forwarded one from Dave and he doesn’t think he was in it (the broadcast from the carrier Carl Vinson) – Kathi and Bob going to Reno and Fallon tomorrow by plane and then will drive the Pontiac back to Henderson – Kathi given a ticket by Kent Fry to fly to Oklahoma City January 19th to visit Kristi.

To PO to mail Lou Carhart letters to Dave – camcorder cord to David and Harding defense to doctor EE Beauregard. Got lard at Reese’s to feed birds

Unplugged computer and got it in car to Marion and picked Mary up and she with me to Laskaris to leave computer – picked up food at Wendy’s – dropped Mary off and to Coliseum to meet with Fair board to make plea for prairie plantings at fairground – Gale Martin had proposed plantings and a slideshow and I gave background info – Voted unanimously to permit prairie gardens in two areas-
Mary Ellen Dune and Kensel Clutter also there.
Message on answering machine “Computer fixed – it was a virus no systems or data lost no charge.”