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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-07-02

Sunday, July 2, 1989
82° Sunny- record high for Anchorage.
Left house by 8:00 so Bob could come home from work and go to bed with no distractions. Breakfast at Tony’s, then to Coastal Trail in Earthquake Park to get first glimpse of USS carrier Nimitz anchored offshore for 4-day visit. Then to Kincaid Park WWII bunkers on Campbell Point. Huge natural park with many trails and bike path. Cross-country skiing here in winter. Stopped at Fred Meyers for coloring pencils while Kathi had car washed and cleaned. Then to Costco to leave films- about 15 rolls between us and I still have my seven rolls slides. Home about 2:30 and Bob had gone to pick up petty officer Ernie Gilbert from the Nimitz. Asked us to meet them at the air control tower where Bob works. Nice kid from Visalia, California with wife in Bremerton, Washington. Married last August! Stopped at home to pick up jackets and headed out Seward Highway for Portage Glacier. Again a beautiful drive- Dall Sheep much higher up mountain today. Area around what was town of Portage wiped out by tsunami following 1964 earthquake. Many glaciers among the Chugach Mountains here. Portage receding rapidly, leaving a lake full of icebergs. Spectacular site. Visitor’s Center closed on us at 7:00. Ate at a German deli at Alpine Village. Terrible service and food but all the good restaurants had long waits. Drove back.