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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-07-01

Saturday, July 1, 1989
Gorgeous sunny day- temperature about 72 windy at Beluga Point but very pleasant.
Slept until 10:00 helped Kathi garden- fertilized all ground annuals and the wildflower seedlings. Kathi mowed lawn again. At 2 dashed out to Beluga Point on Turnagain Arm to see the boreal tide come in at 2:30- 1 hour after low tide at Anchorage. Ate lunch while watching- could see a trough but not spectacular. But about a mile further the flock of Dall Sheep had the cars stopped. Rams on very top and vertical cliff ewes and lambs clustered on an outcrop. More on the sheer faces of the further cliffs. Counted over 20 and shot that many slides! Including one showing the sheep watchers. Back home by 4:00 just before Bob arrived. Helped Kathi with dinner. Mary fell off bottom step into garage and bruised her left shoulder- so painful for her. Had Kathy Kennedy over for dinner. Beef and noodles, broccoli, salad, rhubarb, and ice cream and cookies. Then to give Bob peace and quiet we headed down to Potter’s Marsh. Arctic Terns, geese, mallards, pintails. but biggest thrill was 3 20 lb king salmon at the culvert outlet. Return there for spawning. Were surrounded by smaller fish identified as fry by some and as trout by others. Met friend Laura and Tom on boardwalk and talked to lots of people. Left there about 10:00 and drove up to area where Kathi looked at houses. Lori said they saw an Eagle‚Äôs nest. Mary and I photographed dwarf fireweed at 11:00 p.m. Popcorn bed at 12:25.