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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-07-03

Monday, July 3, 1989
Slept till 10:00 and had leisurely breakfast and bath while rest of family took Ernie Gilbert to brunch. Wrote cards to Hutchmans, Howard, Herb Gary, Haldeman’s, Don Shuster. First relaxing time since arriving 11 days ago. Instead of getting back at 12:00 Kathi said they would come in at 3:00- been to Elmendorf with Ernie- for 3 hours? Visited Marlene- air controller husband from Reno.
Lazed the rest of the day. Ernie played Bob’s slot machine. Took Chuckles for a walk. Kathi took Ernie to the Zoo and got back after 7:00. Bob barbecued pork loin. Read papers – big news in Nimitz visit and oil spill and a salmon jumping into a boat with a Japanese visitors.