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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-13

Tuesday, June 13, 1989
Mary stopped at Houghton Sulky and got check from Mark Bauer to cover Huber coloring books and stopped at Hemmerly’s to get check for Campbell candy. We left for Holmes County at 9:00 in my station wagon. Went East from Fredericktown on County Roads to Route 62 and then more County Roads- hit New Bedford even though some road numbers were changed. Picked Dan E. Yoder up and he guided us up to Highland printers near Berlin north of Route 39. Cost was 90 cents each as he had to use more expensive paper “Cougar Opaque”. Back through Charm and took Dan to dinner at Charm Restaurant. Autographed our copies of coloring book. To his casting building and had David and Harvey also autograph. They are so shy. Left about 2:15 and headed for Sandyville for Campbell’s. Postmaster helped us find proprietor after 40 years he still sounds like a Kentuckian. Candy about $2 a pound- bought five cases- $138- he showed us the dipping (encoating) machine & wrapping machine. Left about 4 with wagon loaded. Home about 6:00. Dry enough to mow so did upper lawn. Read “Fiona’s Will” until 4:30 a.m.