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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-14

Made no cook freezer strawberry jam. Howard cleaned three quarts. hummingbird using nectar feeder on side porch 3/10 of an inch of rain a.m.
Made strawberry jam AM- goofed up the measurements so hope it came out okay.
Howard recently had $1,000 returned from IRS on income tax and then got letter asking about $1,000 paid in 1985 and $1,000 paid in 1986. He just sent those checks but didn’t file a return!! Said he had been doing that for about 5 years and they never questioned it before.
Richard Frankaviglia called about John Steinholz inquiring about changing region 7 March 31st, 1990 meeting at Sharon Woods because of conflict with Ohio Museums Meeting in Cincinnati. Decided to hold firm on our date. Called John.
Compiled itinerary from info Kathi has sent. Took copy to Hemmerly’s to make copies along with letter to craftsmen for Fall Fair and Huber minutes. Virgil Hinamon followed me to Inskeep and left my car for oil leak repair tomorrow. Borrowed shop station wagon to take coloring books to Fairground for Steam and Gas Engine Show rest of week. Gave Willis Nye his gratis coloring book and copy of minutes.
To bed early 9:45