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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-12

Monday, June 12, 1989
To Columbus via Route 746, 61 and I-71 took 55 minutes to drive it with no hassle. Executive committee meeting at Ohio Historical Society at 1:00. John Briley, Pat Cummins and Don Beckett there from Marietta, Youngstown and Worthington respectively. Planned for July 17th board meeting.
Back to Marion by 5:30. Stopped at Inskeeps and made appointment to have oil leak fixed Thursday. Met Mary at Turoff’s. Had baked cube steak $4.25 including tax and tip.
To Center and made copies of the membership list of MCHS to use in phonathon. Charlie Evers in early for meeting and said no plans for phonathon this week.
Huber Association board meeting at 7:00. Mike Deitsch reported 1,300 units of Cockshutt tractor 580 ordered and they have been shipping since June 1st. I bought one at $48.47 including tax.
Dan Yoder called before I left for Columbus so we’ll go to Berlin (Holmes County) to pick up the 1000 Huber Machinery coloring books tomorrow.