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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-16

Monday, January 16, 1989
Worked all day on news releases for the Huber Association annual meeting and Museum opening and MCHS program meeting and Charlton Myers’ lecture series and cleaning up files on computer.
Pat Cummins called- she agrees with Bill Nolan that board elect officers. Gave me a tip about the MAAP federal program on museum accreditation that evaluates and provides money for operations if you have at least one staff.
In at 3:00 to meet with George Scantland to evaluate Joe Swearingen paintings. George says no outstanding talent shown. Paint for his own pleasure not kind he would buy.
Back home for supper then and again for Ed Huber Memorial Association meeting. Willis Nye called- not able to go and gave me a list to present! Board approved contract with Ertel Toy to buy 3,000 Cockshut tractors at $25 each advertising budget $1,350!
Willis called when I got home to see what happened. gave me corrections for the Huber story.