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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-17

Tuesday, January 17, 1989
The day we’ve waited for! At MCHS board Charlie Evers announced contract had arrived from US Postal Service for MCHS to purchase Old Post Office building. Board authorized signing I used computer to type up resolutions asking city and county for $10,000 each toward purchase and all board signed them. I persuaded board to let me send letter to membership to raise purchase price and reduce what we have to borrow.
Had supper at Bob Evans with Mary and then picked up Willis Nye to take to board meeting.
At 9:00 a.m. went into class of 1933 breakfast at Isaly’s. Mary Jordan had said she would be there so I passed up chance to eat with Bernard and Betty Brooks- then she didn’t show. Talked with Irma Prettyman Amick and Edna Harold. Stopped at Nye’s to check corrections for the Huber Story. Home and worked on minutes of Edward Huber Memorial Association from last night until time to meet Mary at 5:30.

Couldn’t sleep so got up at 1:45 and finished Huber minutes.