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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-15

Sunday, January 15, 1989
Karen baked hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast while I fixed cally ham slices and scrambled eggs. David left early for Hemmerly’s to install SBT payroll program and train Faith on it.
Karen critiqued the OAHSM bylaws with some good suggestions.
Took Sarah into Marion with me to Big Bear to get chicken, broccoli, etc for lunch / dinner. David home at 3:00 to eat and moved cement blocks back to wall along lower driveway. Had used them to prop up Christmas tree. Sam Barkley- Jed’s friend, fever and vomiting but up for lunch. They left at 4:00 and I conked out in bed until 6:30 when Mary called had talked to Vivian [Adams Bratten in St. Petersbur, FL] and first week in February is okay for visit.