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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-07-08

Tuesday July 8th
Finished packing and was loaded by 9 when Kenny came to pick us up. Flew at 11:05- St Louis temperature 99 & on to Reno arriving 2:15 their time 5:15 our time. Kids hung on Kathi like they’d never let go. Had been 5 weeks since they saw her.
Paul and Goldie invited us over as we arrived.
Kids not too excited about the new bikes or piano or cable TV in their rooms. Kathy’s house so clean and tastefully decorated. New hide-a-bed sofa to make room for piano.
Delicious turkey dinner for the Thanksgivings we’ve missed together. Marge and Mike in to welcome us and we discussed “The Frontiersman”- she’s currently reading it.