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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-07-07

Monday July 7th
Bill Linn picked kids up to spend day with him. Picked up things at Harding Home and listed the $50 worth I donated to them. Wedding appointment with Linda Underwood of Caledonia. Family Florist (Caledonia- Noggles) are going to silk and gifts only.
Shirley Carrozza in and I signed all mortgage and note papers for closing on 1020 Toulon. Dick Mulvane just now sending in for to Metropolitan policies. (I told him 10 days ago). Left check for $11,920 with Cheryl to give to Shirley when Metro come.
Took MCHS checks to Irma Campbell- ordered 500 more raffle tickets for Afghan. Made copies of the invitation to Sheneman’s for mother’s birthday. Cleaned off desk- had shop conference and asked them to all cooperate.
Picked up pizza for supper. Kids watched Miss Universe Pageant (Miss USA won) while I finished packing. Bed 11:00.