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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-06-07

Saturday June 7th
Mary and Kenny took kids to Port Columbus for 4:55 flight which was late. Don called at 9:30. Plane had to turn back to Port Columbus because of compression problems and didn’t get to Boston until 8:20 instead of 6:20.
Dr. Lust operated on mother’s cat but tumors had spread so he couldn’t save her.
Decorated Country Club for Julie Wensingers wedding- 48 arrangements and 25 hurricane globes with candles. Kass serviced the wedding in Columbus and guest- total wedding $599.
Kathy called from Eli[sic], Nevada. Had talked to Rita and kids who were impressed by ping pong tables, pool table and promises of do as you please!
Upon operating doctor last found many tumors in cat’s head so didn’t try to save her.