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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-06-06

Friday June 6th
Shorty’s friend Mary Thomas brought her from Fountain City to see Kristi and Dave. First time in two and a half years and she hadn’t been to Marion for 6 years. Toured the shop, picked up hamburgers at Wendy’s and brought them to Terradise for lunch. Mary quite a gardener and made a hit with Howard when she told him she grew Crystal Palace Lobelias like he has in greenhouse. Visited mother and she’s all broke up because her cat (10 years old) has to be put to sleep. Kids to Mary Hecker’s for all night. Set up wedding on Uncapher Avenue. Paid Gary Bigler $92 for painting at Bordeaux. Call from vet may be able to save cat. Call from Kass when Wensinger silk wedding not delivered tonight for tomorrow in Columbus! She’s attending and feels she should service it in my car to make up for goof.