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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-05-29

Thursday May 29th
Dave Woesner called yesterday asking to see me at 3 today. He came out to tell me he has a one-year contract to teach Horticulture at Tri Rivers at $17,000 a year. Thought it only fair to tell me before it came out in the paper tonight! Which was here by the time he got here! Told him that he was slated for shop manager January 1st as I want to retire from full management by then. And advised him in a situation in the future to talk to his employer before making a decision. He’ll be leaving July 5th.
Jack Peacock didn’t show up and didn’t give me the courtesy of calling. So we waited until 7 before leaving for Kingwood. Kathy enjoyed the Ohio countryside but Kingwood was between tulips in annuals. Iris just starting- Pansies full bloom and azaleas. But the effect was as poor as I’ve ever seen it.