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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-05-28

Wednesday May 28th
Didn’t go to sleep until 4:00 so everyone was up and had breakfast by time I got up. David went in to talk to Eric[Bob Erickson] about flying between Cincinnati and Marion to manage both Hemmerly’s & Vielhauer’s. Eric said it would be too expensive and the 100 miles per gallon plane David heard of was not to fly 150 miles in- only around an airport. So David’s decision is to not accept the management of Hemmerly’s on a four-day week basis. I’m glad he made that decision because I could not have let him do it. It is a full-time job commitment. David canoed down to Roberts Road and we picked him up. They left before lunch. Kathi went to pick Davie up at Mary’s and I lay down. Didn’t feel like going in to dinner at Turroff’s but Kathi went and then went to Mary Jordans & then Mary and Kenny’s. Home about 9.
Jack Peacock called and will be out tomorrow about 4. Has revived his interest in lepidoptera and wants to investigate the infestation of Spring Cancer moths.