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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-20

Sunday April 20th
Cleaned area around the pool before going to Fanny and Floy’s 60th wedding celebration. Picked up Veva, flowers and mother and met Loren and Jessie about 12:15 at The Freight House Restaurant in Forest. After eating drove around Forest. Constant stream of people from 2 to 4. Fanny is so pretty in a long pink dress and Floyd in a new suit. She brought pictures to display in a gorgeous 1900 album. Sat with the Zimmerman girls and Verdie Baker and they held court and introduced me to all the relatives. Met June Hemmerly Messenger, Harold Hemmerly daughter. Conrad Hemmerly granddaughter. Home through Killdeer Area saw some geese and coots but no gosling’s yet. Forsythia gorgeous all over town and here at Terradise. Early daffs out. Barbara Boggs called she and Don took Hemmerly’s truck to Ann Arbor to pick up seven pieces of Victorian furniture for Mrs Lutton. Needs upholstering but Barbara says it is valuable stuff.