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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-19

Saturday April 19th
Mrs. Neva Jones here at 8 to finish cleaning. Wants me to get someone else as her knees hurt. She’s 78! Picked up in woods with Howard for half hour. Don Shuster called, Agnes’ brother in hospital so won’t be able to come to stay all night and go to Fanny & Floy’s reception tomorrow. Not busy at shop so after wedding appointments went out with Lynn O’Dowd to finished shooting Old Village Marion. State & Main streets. To Neva and Jim’s[Harris] to see Glenn and Mildred Patton. Everyone talking at once instead of listening to Glenn and Mildred. Mary Jordan had quite a tale of Marilee being visited in hospital by parole officer from Florida to apprehend her for parole violation. Confused with Mary Lee Augenstein who is in Marysville Reformatory. Call Mary at Walt’s in Mesa Arizona 100 degrees out there today. Our 73 was first it’s been above 70 since last October 22nd