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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-06

Sunday April 6th
Cleaned the house a.m. Howard and I walked in woods. Flood this week eroded banks more. Lost more land this winter than in previous 10. Mary, Mother and Kenny came about 4 and I walked down with them. Grass so green all through the woods. Hepatica, Scilla and a few spring beauties just opening. They left about 6 and David and Karen and kids came about 7:30. Had three baskets with flowers and candy hidden for kids Sarah didn’t pick them up cause they didn’t look like Easter baskets to her! Showed some of my Arizona slides and served my fresh pineapple, date and black walnut salad with Knott’s Berry Farm dressing. But David wouldn’t even taste it. Karen said it was good. Offered David manager’s job at Hemmerly’s as of January 1st at $20,000 a year. He made $14,000 in market last year.