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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-04-05

Saturday April 5th my 33rd Easter as a florist since 1946 when I sent out letters to sell corsages.
Showroom full all day. Kept two girls making up corsages to sell on floor. But had all deliveries out by 2:30 except a few that came in after that. Didn’t turn down any orders for lack of merchandise or time. But thought we must be way down on sales until Cheryl did they register reading about 4:30 which showed $7,500 in sales with no charges run for today. Receipts about $6,000. Call David to remind him to bring auto insurance policy so I can get refund. We both carried Insurance all year. Fixed 3 Easter baskets for kids with silk flowers, Chenille toys and grass to cradle Easter candy. Home by 6:30. Passbook on former Keogh fund in mail from Home Federal. $101 interest in one week!! Only got $1,000 from Metro in a year!
Saw Blue Winged Teal and Baldpates in route fogers Meadows where they were flooded.