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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-07

Friday March 7th 52 minutes to Chicago 23000 ft temperature 25° on 707 3 hours and 15 minutes to Phoenix from Chicago 35,000 ft
Never sleep well when I have to wake up to an alarm. Up at 4:45 breakfast with Howard and told him of the thrilling performance of Nikolai Massenkof last night. At the shop at 6:05 and realized I didn’t know where the keys to my bags were! Called Howard but he didn’t find it. I drove Kenny’s car to airport and we are airborne at 8:12 on a 8:05 flight TWA 237. The airport is a mess. Hazy. Kenny said news report that Jack Keggan was killed last night. Auto accident. Poor John and Marge. Flying in over Lake Michigan ice floes look like clouds on the lake. Frieghter plowing through them. Boarding 747 at 8:35 local time for 8:55 flight. There can’t be this many people going to Phoenix. 36 rows 9 seats across 351 seats! I’m at the back edge of the wing again. No one in center section of five seats!
9:08 Chicago time airborn after miles of taxiing, grunts, groans and grinds. Immediately into foggy clouds
10:08 cloud cover gone flat lands- farms immediately give way to desert. Is it the Platte River snaking across to the West? The clouds stopped abruptly the line marked by a few little puffs
12:04 Bill & WIlda met me and we stopped at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant for Chimichangas. Jackye waiting for us at ranch. Didn’t have keys for my bags so boys, J&W came to my cabin to open them with paper clips.