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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-03-06

Thursday March 6th registered letter from Carroll with bonded credit card. Cost him $3.15 to send it. Why didn’t he just bring it in?
Packed clothes, genealogy case, camera case and odds and ends bag mostly things to give Dave and Kristi. They leave Sparks today and drive to Tonopah. We’ll meet me at Wilda’s. No time to pick up house very much. In at 4 and cleaned desk and to Gateway Smorgasbord at 5 for Quest Club meeting. They have good food for $3.89 with coffee and dessert included. Asked Mabel Snyder- Fay’s wife to go with me to concert. Barbara Boggs and her dolls for program. Displayed her collection and accessories. Most are heirloom dolls.
Shopped Century for film- only had Kodachrome 25 $3.80 for 36 exposures. Had marked off $2.90- silver up from $7 to $32 an ounce. Then to Big Bear to take advantage of double store coupons. Got $0.80 off that way on 8 oz instant coffee that was $5.85.
The Massenkof Folk Ballet with Nicolai Massenkof- Basso- was so was worth delaying my trip to Phoenix. Six musicians sounded like an orchestra! 8 dancers filled the stage with typically Russian male-dominated dancing and Nicholi (White Russian) was tremendous. Why would he use a microphone with a voice like that. Dedicated Volga Boatman and Old Man River to U.S. hostages in Iran.