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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-02-24

Sunday February 24th
Picked up the four boxes of bouquets, aisle cloths, candelabra and give away books and was at Sutton’s by 11:45. Laura and Mary helped lay cloth, put up garland and bows and candelabra. Everything went beautifully. Mary at sales table, Laura passing out bouquets Tony pinning boutonnieres and me photographing. Finished about 4 and took box of bouquets to mother’s so she could see them. Not too interested. Always the same “I get so lonesome.” “Why would I go to Mary’s new room. No one is home there. They eat out all the time. Mary has changed so since she married Kenny. She doesn’t have time for me.”
Watched Harper Valley PTA on TV cute.
US Hockey beat Finland to win gold medal
Winter Olympics over!
President Carter asked for boycott of Summer Olympics in Moscow because of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in January.