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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-02-02

Saturday February 2nd
Up for breakfast with Tommy before he left at 7:15 for a field trip to count mistletoe. Start of a survey to determine status as a basis for studies. Lil up at Pat’s Patio and Hearth shop. She is so pretty & the shop has lovely furniture. Cold this morning and saw snow on ground all through Kentucky- made for beautiful landscapes in the hills- the roads are all clear.
Stop in Cincinnati at Market about 4:00 David playing for a Groundhog Day celebration but Karen got our orders up. Vegetable stands out even with temperature 25 degrees
To Lil’s about 7:30 on home. Everything is in order and Howard is in bed. Mail and papers nicely sorted. Found that Gertrude Bosley, Audrey Bolander had died.