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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-01-22

Tuesday January 22nd
Session on advertising. President of advertising agency who handles American Marketing Advertising Council account would like to see every florist spend 10% of their budget for advertising. Have to remember we aren’t selling flowers with sentiment and aim advertising that way.
Afternoon session on plant rental not to pertinent. Lou Costellino and Adamans from Detroit with visual aids. Jim Phillips of Chicago told of decorating Grant Park for Pope’s visit. 15,000 mum plants.
Walked up the pool and found the Philadelphia florist who has computerized his billing- gave me info. Then walked over to beach with fond memories of 1926 – 27 and Bob Cameron who kissed me (my first, I was 11) about here.
Found Kent E. Haycook in the phone book and called and he said he would be right over. But call back an hour later- something came up and he couldn’t make it. He’s worked at Carousel Florist in Pompano for 2 years. Met Marjorie and the girls at Marie’s on 17th Avenue. Nice dinner.