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Trella Hemmerly – 1980-01-21

Monday January 21st
Rolls, juice and coffee before session started at 9 with Dr William Mindak, professor of marketing at Tulane University. My first real training in marketing. Feel as if we absorbed a whole college quarter’s learning. Lunch was a fabulous buffet served next to the meeting room. It was tantalizing to see the gorgeous sunshine outside.
Met Marjorie at the Stranahan House at 6 and met Cathy and ?? the two young architects from Jacksonville who are wanting the house evaluating the house. Cathy had spent the day in the 12-inch crawl space under the house and went over the foundation structure for the local architecture student. Fascinating to me. When we were ready to eat found two places closed and finally ate at the Ranch House where the grill was closed so the menu was limited. All six of us ate so didn’t get much talk with Marjorie.