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Trella Hemmerly – 1935-12-31

Tuesday December 31st 1935
They didn’t come right out and tell us we don’t have to work tomorrow but I don’t believe anybody is.
Got some potato chips for Aunt May. They had Reese’s in to play cards. Had Tom and Jerry’s and wine and cookies and pretzels and cakes and a pretty good time considering. But I couldn’t help wondering what Wally was doing. Had to rush our game to make drinks for the new year. I sang Auld Lang Syne and Mrs. Reese wanted to know if it was French. She was about half tight. To bed about 2 on the Davenport.

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Telephone Numbers
Walter Haldeman UN-6206
Godman’s MA-5261
Traffic Dept 260
Aunt May FA-7308
D.R.Hemmerly 9517
Rita Van Meter UN-8579-Oscar Hedding 98 W. Hubbard
Louis Woolum UN-6636

Mrs. Robert Johnston 112 E Henry St, River Rouge, Mich.
Walter Haldeman 127 West 10th Avenue, Cols, Ohio
Bob Cameron Southern Pines, N.C.
D.R. Hemmerly 229 E. Fairground St.
Marion, Ohio
Aunt May 550 S. 18 St.
Cols, Ohio
Marjorie Dickey 208 SE 3rd Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla