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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-12-24

Friday December 24th
Found a package left by Sissons- it was one of his wood carved pictures. A Mallard in a pond with cattails and mountains. Gorgeous. Finished Christmas letter, renaming it a New Year’s letter and printed copies for Sisson and Ruth Carhart. Made up packets for them to decorate rosemary tree for Kass and Sissons. Into Marion at 4 and picked up Mary. Long John Silver’s about only place open so ate there. Then to Sissons and to Trinity for Christmas Eve service. Music and scripture woven around a family setting up creche. Drove north of route 423 to see Delmar and Mary Claire Brewer’s lights. Gorgeous. Driveway outline clear to barn in field 50 foot trees covered with lights. Everyone (nearly) has icicle lights this year dripping from eaves. Home by 9 and watched Frank Patterson video of Ireland with his singing.