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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-12-10

Friday December 10th
Up at 5:30- Bath. David called at 6 and gave me directions to St John’s arena. I arrived there at 8:20 through fog and rain. 350th commencement of last class of the 20th century to quote Dr. Kirwan the president he should know the 20th century doesn’t end until December 31st 2000.
Josh’s B.A. degree is in industrial design. The only one of 1,200 graduates with that degree because the rest of his class graduated in June. Sun shining as we came out at 12. To High Street apartment where Josh and Jed have lived for the last three years during school. There to Florentine restaurant in Eastland Mall to meet up with Vaughn Wiester for lunch. Josh finally caught up with us about 1:15! Stopped at Sisson’s woodworking shop north of Waldo on way home and they have my cabinet together ready to finish. Daddy’s walnut table stripped and ready for satin finish. Nice clean workshop. Home by 5. Sorted papers. Lots of memories of 1980s.