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Trella Hemmerly – 1999-12-03

Friday December 3rd
Ralph painting. Finish coat, Scott and Spike did TV. Computer wire, finished railing on side porch. Reprogram garage door opener, put up hooks to hang Christmas wreath and hung the shutters that were here. I left at 2. Stopped at Nicholls and ordered tapestry covered lazy boy sofa. To Cincinnati via route for 68, 380 and I-71. Stopped at Young’s dairy for sandwich and Sundae. To Emory Hall with Haldemans for Cincinnati Brass Band concert. David’s playing first trombone and intro’d the Disney Suite. Remembering his childhood listening to the tunes he said “This is for you, Mom.” All of us Karen and Dave, Josh, Jed, Susannah and I went to LaRosa’s Pizza on me. $32 plus tip.